Our Story


La Bella Brides has been established for 11 years. The boutique started off in 2006 and dresses were originally sold out of a home and as you can see it has come a long way since then!

Within a year the business had been popular enough to purchase its first premises, which was in Chapeltown. The boutique was based here until early 2011 when we relocated to Hillsborough, which is where we are today.

Over the years the boutique has had to adapt and make additions such as prom and menswear, which we still offer today.

In this time we have developed a strong team of stylists, whom keep up to date with the current industry fashion, excellent customer service assistants and experienced seamstresses. We use local businesses wherever possible and we support each other through cross marketing.  Where we are based in Hillsborough we have even created, with other local businesses, a small wedding quarter.

The boutiques growth and reputation depends on these services being delivered to our clients impeccably.

The owner Leanne also has her own vision of where she would like to steer La Bella Brides and there are some exciting changes coming in the future.