Meet La Bella

LeanneLaBella Brides
Leanne at La Bella Brides

Leanne is the owner of La Bella Brides and to her this is more than just a job. She adores her role at the boutique and tries to meet each bride personally.  She currently employs three staff at the boutique and as director of the business Leanne is proud of her team. She loves their passion and drive for everything they do and the brides that they help with their ‘happily ever after.’

JadeLaBella Brides
Jade at La Bella Brides

Jade is passionate about her role so much so that we will often come into work and find her trying on the sample dresses! She loves to help brides find their perfect dress and she provides impeccable service to you and your party.

SarahLaBella Brides
Sarah at La Bella Brides

Sarah has been with La Bella Brides for a number of years now and she is known as the ‘Mummy’ of the team. She will make sure your appointment runs smoothly and she will listen to you and your needs and ensure wherever possible that they are met.

JosieLaBella Brides
Josie at La Bella Brides

Josie is the newest member of our team and just like the others has so much enthusiasm and love for the industry. She has many years of high end retail experience which enables her to style each bride perfectly.